I don’t know what happened.

On Friday I stumbled into Sprouts while killing time in Harrisonville.

I didn’t leave empty-handed.

I found this:

I didn’t know Jessica Beil was modelling knitting pattern books now.

But what good is a wonderful book if you don’t have any yarn? (Nope; no yarn at all. My house is a completely yarn-free zone. None to be found.)

So then this happened:

(Urban Silk, a 80% silk/20% cotton blend).

Who can resist the urge to just snuggle in? I just love that sheen–even if my retarded self can’t get the color right

Then somehow this happened:

Pattern from here.


I really don’t know how that happened, but I like it…and I’m gonna keep going and it shall become a lovely wrap and all shall be well in my world.

Except…yarn that beautiful really needs a little extra ‘oomph’ doesn’t it?

Somehow this happened too:

I’ll duplicate-stitch those on every here-and-there once I’ve got the body finished.

And I’d like to point out–since my photography skills are so sorely lacking…the yarn is the exact color (shine and everything!) of the beads on the left. Not the dull color it looks like above.

Anyway….don’t you hate it when this stuff happens? Shucks. Oh well…I needed a way to fill my time between the end of summer classes and beginning of fall.


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