I think I’ll call this one…Monday Musings

This morning I was awoken by two starving cats.  Why they bother me instead of their daddy, I’ll never understand.  (probably because I’m the one who will actually get up and feed them.  Kitty-daddy just kicks them off the bed)

I put incense in the incense holder and forgot to light it–that’s pretty indicative of how my day shall be, methinks.  (if you think it, it will come true)

I’ve done three more repeats on that wrap pattern.  It was really easy to memorize, and that’s coming from someone who sucks at memorization!  (I am not hardcore in that regard)

Today:  cleaning, thank you notes, and chocolate chip banana muffins with raw sugar sprinkled on top.  You bet your bippy there’ll be pictures!  (probably blurry ones)

This will not be followed by a parenthetical phrase.  (yes it will)


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