Grandma’s House

Yesterday we drove down from Kirksville, and Mom and Dad drove up from KC, and we all met at my grandma’s house in Sumner.

Never heard of Sumner MO, huh?  Well you don’t know what you’re missing out on

Sumner is home to the honest-to-goodness World’s Largest Canadian Goose.  Behold, Maxie:

(no, that’s not where we got the idea for our dog‘s name)

Jeff was the smart one, relaxing in the shade while I ran around taking pictures:

Yes, I’ve been reduced to taking pictures from afar, where he doesn’t notice what I’m doing and usually can’t catch me and wrestle the camera from my grip.

Pulling up to Grandma’s house:

I love grandma’s house.  It’s so cozy:

She’s been living there for 60 years.  Wow.

I also love Grandma’s quilt shop.  It’s so cozy, too:

(more on that later)

Oh yeah, and I love Grandma.  Even if she doesn’t smile in pictures:

And while we’re on the topic, I suppose Mom and Dad aren’t too bad either:

Grandma feeds us cookies and cinnamon rolls and sends all the leftovers home with us:

Grandma’s house is full of pictures of her kids, grandkids, great grandkids, and I think a few of people she doesn’t even know   (ok just kidding about the last one)

Our big 8×10 senior portraits:

And a close-up of my cousin Susy’s, just because it’s so awesome:

Love it. 

My dad built this shelf for her:

Family picture, circa 1962:

Let’s see…I think Aunt Judy was 15 or 16 here, Uncle Gene was 21 or 22, and Mom was 8.  Love the expression on her face!

Mom’s senior photo:

Excuse the glare

Uncle Gene in his Navy days:

What a hunk!

Mom painted this.  I didn’t know she can paint (though I do recall, as a child, being amazed at her coloring skills.  She would color with tiny circles so the color would stay even.  Wow!)

And then we go into Grandma’s quilt shop (aka one of my top 5 favorite places in the world!)

Grandma is a professional quilter, working on an old frame and machine.  I can’t even begin to fathom how many thousands of quilts she’s quilted over the years:

Jeff looks happy, doesn’t he?

Now, I of course have absolutely *no* experience with this, but I would like to point out that *in theory* these giant rolls and piles of batting would be absolutely wonderful to take a flying leap into, and to tumble around in.  I mean, I think that might be the case.  But since I was such a well-behaved child, I would of course have absolutely no experience with such activities.  Oh no no.

(that’s a massive roll of batting in the front there).

Some of Aunt Judy’s quilts for sale:

Posted in the shop:

Sidewalk between Grandma’s shop and her house.  This sidewalk is *perfect* for learning to rollerskate, for the record.  I’m pretty sure she could rent it out for that purpose, if she so desired.

I love Grandma’s house, and Grandma


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