How I Pine for Thee

You may or may not have noticed this, so I’m sorry if I take any of you by surprise:

I rather enjoy taking pictures, on occasion.

There, I said it.

Jeff and I bought this one back in October 2005, right after we got engaged.  It’s been a halfway decent little camera, though very persnickety.  For example, it doesn’t like taking pictures inside.  Y’know, no biggie, but whatev.    I have to turn the ISO up to 400 or use a tripod in order to avoid blur, and with the ISO up, of course I just end up with grainy photos.  And if this camera can’t keep up with my cats’ movements now, how will it keep up with a baby’s in a few years?  It’s also very limited in its macro capabilities, and of course that common point-and-shoot problem of the long delay between photos.

In short, even though I don’t know (much of) anything about cameras, I know I’ve outgrown it.

So for the past several months, this has been the object of my affection:

I’ve read every single Amazon review on the silly thing, attempted to teach myself some about using a DSLR –lenses, exposures, etc–and can only conclude that *I NEED THIS CAMERA*!

So y’all just give me $533, and we’ll all be happy, m’kay?

Really, though, I can’t wait until I save up enough pennies to buy this baby.  Jeff already knows that’s what I’m working toward, and he’s been very impressed with my lack of clothing purchases as of late (notice I didn’t say lack of shoe purchases ), and I’m hoping to be able to afford this by Christmastime.

For an entry-level DSLR, this one seems very well-equipped.  Some of the drawbacks that were mentioned by reviewers–only 3 AF points, only one LCD, etc. wouldn’t really interfere with my needs (at least, I don’t think they would!), and I love the idea of an inexpensive, entry-level DSLR that can be used at a variety of levels–sort of a ‘grow with me’ camera.  I’ll also be excited to get a couple photography books and start learning how to *really* use it!  Not sure which lens(es) I’ll get to start out with–I figure before investing a lot of money I should know what’s what, though.

So anywhoo, I’ve said my piece, and now that y’all know what I’m saving money toward, maybe I’ll be more motivated to actually save.

Anybody else have some sort of a DSLR?  How did you decide which one to get?  Does it meet your needs? 


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