So much excitement!

I have the absolute best post (well, in my opinion anyway ) to put up later, but for now I’ve gotta dash off to class.  Check back around 8 or 9 tonight!

It’ll be about three fantastic things…

Edit 9:25pm

First Fantastic Thing:

Look what I finished last night!
(for reference, this is what color it actually is)

(ignore my slightly psychotic (read:  ‘normal’) look)

Goes well with the pajamas, doesn’t it?

And the obligatory yarn-smelling picture:

I seriously, honestly, wish I could show this to each and every one of you in person so you could touch the softness and behold the purdyness that is the First Fantastic Thing. 

Bet you’re disappointed that my First Fantastic Thing was just a bunch of pics of me wearing that wrap, right?

For those of you who are into knitting, here are the details:
Made with 7 1/2 skeins of Urban Silk–about 730 yards.  I meticulously stitched on about a hundred of these beads:

though of course you can’t see in the photos, but it does add just the right touch of sparkle in ‘real life’.  Jeff was the one who suggested the fringe; I’m glad he did–I think it really finishes the piece nicely!  This is the third thing I’ve ever knit, btw…and looks a lot more difficult looking than it actually was .  I’m just glad I got it done in time for my cousin’s wedding in October!

May take more photos of it tomorrow when I’ve got daylight again (hopefully the sun won’t suddenly expire tonight ).

I took some photos of the BCBG dress I got, but they’re horrible even by my standards, so I’ll try again tomorrow on those, too   Dress needs some alterations–nothing major, just to be taken in at the bust.  ::sigh::…all my dresses need to be taken in at the bust–plight of the nearly-boobless, right?

Second Fantastic Thing

I also made this today:

(Edit:  guess who just learned how to up the exposure to ‘brighten up’ my photos?  Meeee!)


I also seriously, honestly wish I could give each one of you a thick, buttered slice of this delicious homemade bread, and then we’d wash our hands and touch the wrap some more

I don’t use a breadmaker…never have and never will!  But everybody can make bread. I got my super-simple recipe from the 1970s Betty Crocker.  And since I can’t give each one of you a thick, buttered slice of this delicious homemade bread in person, I’ll post a tutorial with the recipe in a couple days, once I can persuade Jeff to video me and take a bunch of pictures over my shoulder

Third Fantastic Thing (for the exclusive benefit of my mom)

Today I had my last ever First Day of School (except my eventual graduate school, of course!)

So I had Jeff take my traditional First Day of School photo by the front door.

Here ya’ go, Mom:

Yay!  In four months I’ll be a college graduate!  Today I filled out my last ever scholarship renewal form…I can’t wait to say goodbye to the financial aid office forever!

17 years I’ve been in school…and now I’m so close to finished, I can almost taste it.  For some reason, it tastes like homemade bread…oops–how’d I start eating another slice?


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