Random photos

EDIT:  “Wooly Bullies” –knitting versus crochet.  I almost peed my pants laughing…put on a diapey and watch it!!!

To continue celebrating my newly-renewed ability to post photos, here’s a dump from the past few weeks.

What I did the other night:

If I go to an early grave, you can bet it’ll be a dumb reason like this.

Best place for a catnap:

Giant cat and tiny Katie! (excuse the mess in the background!–which you probably wouldn’t have even noticed if I hadn’t pointed it out, right? )


Jeff’s (and now my!) cousin Katie and Aunt Adele at Adele’s 90th birthday!

Picture I drew of Jeff in the Macaroni Grill:

I got skillz.

Speaking of Jeff (and who doesn’t love doing that?), here he is sexily installing a new fan in his computer:

Grrr stampa stampa!

Finally, a face which can cause 3-year-olds to fall over laughing:

Yes, that’s what being a good teacher is all about.

If I get bored later, well, more equally-riveting photos might be forthcoming.  I know y’all can’t wait, right?


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