My hubby’s gone. Don’t know when, or if, I’ll see him again.

He left the house this morning with his gallon-sized ziplock bag containing three sharpened #2 pencils, driver’s license, pencil sharpener, small bottle of Powerade, and my wristwatch (we didn’t know if his pocketwatch would be acceptable, since the form said analogue *wristwatch*). Oh, and his LSAT admissions ticket.

He ate some peanut butter toast, smoked a cigarette, kissed the cats, tickled me, and then…just like that…he was gone.

Best case scenario, in May we’re moving to Chicago (U of Chicago), or Michigan (Michigan U), or Minneapolis (U of Minnesota). Worst case, Columbia MO (Mizzou has a really respectable law school—great regional school) or St Louis (St Louis University).

I don’t ask for much from you guys (besides blind adoration, y’know), but can y’all keep your fingers crossed? I know I’ll be meditating all day to the mantra “175…175…175…175” (or at least, “no lower than 163…no lower than 163…no lower than 163…–not that I think hope we’ll have to worry about that!)

He’s ba-ack! Says it went pretty well, especially his most challenging section (logic games). Here’s hoping he did as well as he thinks he did!

Results will be online in about 3 weeks…we can’t wait!

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