Day at the dog park

I fooled around with a lot of these in Photoshop for a good long while this morning, but at this point I’m just getting frustrated with myself and my crappiness at image editing.

Last night at the rehearsal dinner I was talking with my Uncle Don (the videographer) and he pretty much said “get thee to a photography class”…I couldn’t agree more!  I’ll put one–and a Photoshop class–on my plan for this spring/summer.  Hopefully I can find something in Kirksville

Anyway, after getting home from the rehearsal, Jeff, Dad and I took Maxie and Eliza to the riverside park in Parkville–same place that Jess and I took our senior pictures back in high school.  The girls were surprisingly cooperative!  As usual, these pics are SOOC…I think I’m going to take a break and then give some light editing another shot.  Wish me luck!

But first, Allie at home…

Wish this were more in focus:

Now on to the dog park!  A lot of these images are taken from above, because when I tried getting down onto the ground with the dogs they’d just run over and start trying to kiss my ears/knock me over/get in my lap.

Look at Lizie’s tongue!

When she licks you it’s like being slapped with a wet washcloth…not the best feeling:

Not that Maxie’s is insignificant or anything, though:

Mutual adoration:

These dog handlers really don’t get paid enough:

Two pink tongues!

So much easier to take pictures of a gray dog than a black one:

Finally, back to the car and home again.  They kept fighting over who got to walk in heel position right next to Dad:

Maxie loves riding in the car!

So here’s what I thought:
~It would’ve been awesome to go somewhere the dogs didn’t have to be leashed, but I think maybe I’ll be able to edit the leashes out of some of those images.
~Hard to take good pictures of dogs who never sit or lay down!  I took over 300, and those above are the best.
~How do I crop a photo in Photoshop yet keep the same proportions?  I don’t want them to have some weird dimension, yet I’d like to crop them to get rid of Jeff’s and Dad’s legs at the edge, etc.

Now I’m off to fool around with Photoshop some more…maybe try to figure out the cropping thing, brighten some colors, etc.


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