Two awesome things for a Monday

Last weekend in KC, I was going through my mom’s closet and stumbled upon a *really* cute black shirt…I loved it immediately!  I asked Mom where it came from, and she said, “Oh that was mine in college” (1972).  It looked like it might fit me, so of course I had to try it on…and this is what happened:

omg so cute!  I love how it’s nipped in at the waist (there are ties in the back) then flares out beyond that.  New favorite shirt, tyvm   And I love that it was my mom’s way back in the day, and fits me perfectly now.

On Saturday Jeff and I went to the Red Barn Arts and Crafts Festival, aka Kirksville’s biggest event of the year.  Soooooo much fun!  We only live a few blocks from downtown (where the event is held), and I could literally smell the kettle corn from my front yard.  The whole square was lined with vendors’ booths, selling every sort of art and craft (ironic? lol) imaginable.  Jeff wouldn’t let me spend much money (makes sense, really) so I just got a few items…but oh how I love them!
(also, I left my camera home that day for Jeff’s peace of mind–it makes him nervous when I’m always taking pictures–so these pics were all taken, um, 10 minutes ago).

One of the families at my preschool is a pottery artist, and she dedicated a shelf in her booth to things that the proceeds from would go to the school.  So I bought this:

So cute!  I might keep it in the kitchen, and use it to hold my watch and rings while I’m baking or washing dishes.  Or use it to hold stitch markers by my crafting corner.  We’ll see.

What could be in here?


Aren’t they too cute?  Don’t they look like little spools of thread?  They’re so perfect!  Other exclamations of happiness!

But here’s the piece de resistance of my shopping adventures:

The coolest bracelet ever!  It’s perfect for everyday casual wear, and since it’s got a leather strap it’s sooo comfy.  That stone is called unichite, and is supposed to enhance memory and the ability to think clearly…do I need it, or what?  

Close-up of the stone:

(I love the macro capabilities on my new camera!!!)

I’m so in love with this bracelet!

All together now, in honor of a fantastic Saturday (a Saturday which also consisted of watching Jesus Camp, and eating Pagliai’s).


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