Over and over and over again

(From this day forth, I *will* put up a new blog post every day.  Even if it’s just “Day 29, fine, whatever.” (can you believe I’m quoting air freshener commercials?  Someone give me an adventure, PLEASE!))

You ever get caught up in the moment, and then you do something you later regret?  Only not really, because it actually was a good idea?  It just takes a while to get used to it?  And then you’re OK with what you did?  And then your world becomes sunshine and kittens again?  Me too.

Which explains what happened in Baldwin City a week and a half ago.

My “skating queen” skirt, which has been in my ‘time out for bad knitting’ pile for about three months now, went from this:

(one full skein/6 inches in)

to this:

(One sad, washed-out Katie, holding one nostepinne full of yarn-which-was-until-recently-a-skirt).

at the hand of this evil person:

(One Stefanie, who’s really the least evil person you’ll ever meet).

I couldn’t bear to frog it myself…so Stef, (a non-knitter, even!) did it for me.  Thank you Stef.  You’re a true friend.

You see, Skating Queen was originally relegated to the TOFBK pile because of a user error which resulted in the need to tink a whole row.  Yeah, I know.  Not that bad.  You’re right.  But it still pissed me off enough to make me set it aside until I could emotionally handle the tinking.

Then Skating Queen was relegated to the TOFBK bag because I couldn’t bear to see it sitting on my coffee table, leering at me, any more.  While in the TOFBK bag, a few stitches dropped themselves of the needles’ ends, because in my haste/hate I’d neglected to put point protectors on.

Then Skating Queen made its journey from Kirksville to Baldwin City on my weekend trip, at which point I pulled it out to finally tink that damned row.  At which point I noticed the not-quite-accidentally dropped stitches, and decided to be a big girl and just frog the damned thing, because I really wasn’t happy with the waistband anyway, and why would I knit something that I knew within the first inch and a half that I wasn’t happy with?

So Stefanie ribbet ribbeted and that ball of yarn sat in my active knitting bag, still leering at me, until yesterday.  When, in a fit of colorwork-induced passion and fury, I decided to STEP AWAY! from the charity projects I’ve got going, and work on something for *me* for a change!  Because I deserve it!  Exclamation!  Right?

So I started Skating Queen all over again, this time with a nice garter-stitch waistband and no ugly drawstring holes (because I recently realized I hate drawstrings–they make my bellybutton look funny).  And by 10 minutes ago, this had happened:

Yes, that’s about 2 1/2″ of progress, aka almost halfway where I was before.  And I like it better this time.  So much better.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that I can actually stick with it this time, OK?  And maybe in some crazy world, I’ll actually have a FO to show off, OK?  And then we’ll all play with kittens in the sunshine OK?


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