An’ I can speel real gud, 2!

This made me giggle while working on projects in the library yesterday.  And as y’all know, what makes me giggle, is fodder for my blog.


Jeff’s book:


My books:


Here, let’s get a couple close-ups of the types of literature I choose to peruse in the course of my scholarly pursuits:

Dinosailors, always good.  And that big cardboard one on the bottom is Tonka Trucks at Work.  It has moving parts!

The Milk Makers, and From Head to Toe by Eric Carle.  Eric Carle is one of my favorites!

I feel like when you’re a kid in kindergarten and you’ve got that big Strawberry Shortcake/Lisa Frank/Sleeping Beauty/Whatever The Heck Kids These Days Have backpack, and nothing to put in it, so you put your teddy bear in it, and a juice box and maybe some of your mommy’s or daddy’s junk mail, and then you trot it out to show any grown-up you encounter, so they’ll see that you’re a big kid too.  With a backpack!

Same principle.


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