Dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen…

Or, if you rather, Skating Queen.

For she is bigger now than ever before!  (10 1/2″ last time I checked)

The color’s all wrong, but don’t worry your pretty little head–I’ll post better pictures once she’s done.  And can you believe that’s actually becoming a possibility?  Eeek!

Also, despite the fact that I receive Knitting Daily and almost always read it, I neglected to follow some of Sandi’s best advice.  Which is why the reworked part of the skirt looks like this:

and this:

While the part worked with ‘fresh’ yarn looks like this:

::sigh::.  Oh, well.  Chalk it up to ‘lesson learned’ and hope it comes out during blocking, because I’m sure as shittin’ not going to remake this a third time!


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