I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!

Someone posted this on Ravelry today, and I just had to share with the rest of you guys…

But first, I have to warn you.  Do NOT look at these pictures unless you’re absolutely positive that you can handle the most awe-inspiring sight of your life.

No, seriously, I mean it.  These pictures are about to put the Grand Canyon to shame.

If you’re prone to squealing, I suggest removing the cat from your lap before scrolling down.  The claw marks that are now embedded on my thighs serve as proof of that lesson.

Oh, and put down your coffee, ’cause you might just spit it out.  Ready?  OK….


But hold on a second.  Really, I can’t emphasize it enough….this will amaze you.

Are you sure you can handle it?  There’s no going back now.
OK here’s ONE LAST CHANCE to turn back.  Don’t scroll any lower unless you mean it.  Really mean it.
Are you sure?
Here it is…

Yes, that is one real woman’s real stash.  Her name is Bonney, and I want her to be my new mommy.

Wool allergy-sufferers (and I do mean *sufferers*), beware.

I want to pile it all up in a huuuuuge pile in the center of the floor, and roll around in it for like 15 minutes, then spend the next several days carefully sorting it all out by fiber, then color, then weight, then alphabetically by brand.

Only way this could get better would be if you threw a pony into the mix, too.

I think I just has a yarn-gasm.

Not saying I’d ever really want this amount of stash for myself, but I sure as shootin’ don’t mind looking at it!

These photos were taken by Bonney’s daughter-in-law, and came from here.

PS>I can’t even begin to think how big the corresponding wine cellar would have to be!


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