Who me? Ok, well, yes…

Yeah, we graduated.  Yeah, it was as painful as I’d anticipated.  The ceremony, not the whole day.  I don’t do ceremonies well.  Exhibit A:  my wedding ceremony video (which contains evidence of me clearly NOT LISTENING to the people talking).   Exhibit B:  there is no exhibit B.  But hey, cut me a break…I’ve got like 60 or 70 more years to embarrass myself

I forgot to tell my dad about holding down the button halfway to let the camera focus.  And about holding it still.  Oh well.  That’s me and Jeff, in the back row, on the far right.  He’s the cute one.  I’m the blurry one.  ::sigh::

Professors.  Getting my doctorate would be worth it if it meant wearing a bonnet and giant hood and marching around all solemn-like.  Mm-hmm.

Me and Jeff walking up to the stage:

There we go, phonetic name pronunciations in hand:

Shaking somebody’s hand.  Heck if I know who.  See?  I suck at ceremonies.  Truth be told, I spent most of the time twirling Jeff’s wedding ring and thinking about the celebratory cheesecake that was awaiting me back home.

Jeff shakes the university president’s hand.  And yes, I realize these photos all look the same…a sea of black robes and a flash of freakishly-bright red hair, right?

So that’s the end of that.  Now here comes the really gorgeous stuff…

With Mom and Dad…it is here that I realize how horrible I look in the mortarboard.  And the gown makes me look fat.

Oh yeah, and I look like a total goon, in general.  But at least my mom is cute!

I should have worn this instead:

Anyway, apparently Mom doesn’t like Jeff as much as she likes me:

Yeah, we’re in love.  Yeah, I’m a goon.

I think I just figured it out.  #1:  Those earrings were a mistake, considering you could hardly see the shirt underneath–and really, the earrings need the shirt.  #2:  Both my ears are showing, with my hair down.  That hasn’t happened since, like, 3rd grade.  BUT in my defense, it was either that or a weird bang-y poofy thing and I figured that would be worse.  But you know what?  It’s too late to do anything about it now, so I’ll shut up, mm ‘k?

With our (empty) diploma covers:

Awww, isn’t Jeff cute?

He’s such a snappy dresser   (I picked out that tie…don’tcha like it?)

Hey!  I look *slightly* less goony here than I do in other photos!  Right, guys? (hint: lie to me)

And since I know y’all like pictures of my dad, here ya go:

Funny, you’d think he would seem happier about the fact that I’m finally done bleeding him dry, financially.  Hmm..time for grad school?

So, that was it! Jeff’s parents came into town that afternoon (a snowstorm had prevented them from arriving earlier…and in fact, it was doubtful for a while that *either* set of parents would make it at all), and we had a yummy dinner–I’d set out appetizers of pinwheels, cheese, crackers, Dad’s Chex mix, and Linda’s spinach artichoke dip.  Then we had a chicken alfredo casserole, salad, and my Red Lobster-esque biscuits, followed by Mom’s cheesecake, and champagne.  Mmmm!


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