Bullets, because transitions are for wimps.

~I fell on my bum yesterday at preschool.  It hurt.  I think I now have a bruise.

~Preschool is out for Christmas!  Yay!

~Today, I bake. My 2nd round of sugar cookies for this season.  They’ll be good, and pretty…just you wait!

~We did stockings last night.  I gave Jeff a Ray Bradbury book and an ornament:

Two cardinals in a nest, because it’s our first Christmas married…so we’re like the cardinals in our nest.  Corny, I know.

Oh, and that bit of yarn tied around the one cardinal’s neck?  It’s because female cardinals are brown, but both of those are red, so I had to ‘feminize’ one 

Jeff gave me this:

Which nicely rounds out my Barenaked Ladies catalogue collection,  (though in putting in all those links, I realized that they’ve got a new album out which I’m missing.  Darn!)

and this:

I love this man   And not because he shamelessly fuels my yarn habit

What shall I spend it on?  I fondled that new line of Bernat luxury yarns…bamboo, alpaca, and cashmere blends.  Though I could always do with more Lion Wool, perhaps to make a Ravenclaw scarf?  Choices, choices!

Anyway, back to this bullets thing…because I just remembered, I’m not supposed to be coherant.  Oops!

~I have another baking tutorial queued up for y’all, but it might have to wait ’till we’re in St Louis, or even ’till after Christmas.

~To do before we leave:  finish one Christmas gift, wrap 4 of them (the big icky ones that I am not looking forward to wrapping), fold and put away all the laundry I did yesterday, do the aforementioned baking, clean up from the aforementioned baking, and tidy the house.  We’re going to try to leave tomorrow first thing in the morning.  Wish us luck!

~Which reminds me.  I think I am going to make Jeff stop by the Target in Columbia on our way to St Louis; I saw something there that now I *really* wish I’d gotten him…I think I’ll try to

~The parents at the preschool gave me a gift certificate for a pedicure, and one for a local bar and grill.  Woohoo!!!!

And now, to crochet…


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