The most delicious of seasons

I made these last night, for lack of anything more worthwhile to do (except, y’know, working on Christmas cards, or packing for the trip to St. Louis and KC, or adoring the cat, or brushing my hair 100 times so it shines like the stars)

They’re just my basic sugar cookie recipe; each cookie cut from the rim of a Crown Royal glass.

Each one is decorated differently.

Even these three loners:

(yes that’s a star of David.  Mostly because I’ve had “the Dreidel song” stuck in my head since I sang it for the kids at preschool on Friday).

And they’re so good.  Oh, so good. The recipe has been passed down through the generations via the Johnson Baking Gene, and if you don’t already have it, well, you can’t get it…

just kidding.  I’ll post it soon.  It’s worth waiting for

Some of my favorite cookies:

Does this look like a knitted cable at all?

Rather mediterranean, like the tiles that line the walls of my favorite Greek restaurant:

In honor of our wedding:

Very modern.  It was supposed to look like a snowdrift.  Yeah, I know

For indeed, there is nothing better than watching Christmas Vacation on TV, with your husband, decorating cookies on a snowy Kirksville night .  Except maybe presents.  Presents are better:

They’re almost taller than our monumentally-huge tree!

And with that, we’re going to load up the sleigh Grand Am and drive to the North Pole suburban St. Louis to await Santa’s arrival!  I hope he can find me, especially after that nice note I wrote.


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