I have been knitting! Really!  Thing is, though, that most of it has been appearing on Ravelry instead of here.  Oops.  So, to make up for it, sit back and behold…

My pride and joy:

A hooded scarf in a simple 4×4, reversible C2F cable pattern (you’re right, Alissa–it is easy! ), made of Soy Wool Stripes.  <3.

Close-up of the seam (which is visible on the inside).

My Ravenclaw house scarf from PoA and GoF.  I CO 76 then just knitted in the round on a 16″ sz. 10.5 circular.  Yarn is Lion Brand wool in “midnight blue” and “pearl gray.”

It’s going to be so cozy and warm. I ❤ it!  And, I’m about halfway done…the end will soon be in sight!

My “Invisibility Shawl” from Charmed Knits.  Jaggerspun zephyr 50/50 merino silk laceweight.

I’m maybe 20% in on this one now.  It’s going very quickly, and the lace is super easy–no charts!

I made these for Jeff for Christmas, also out of Lion Wool (that stuff really is decent, and it’s within my price range).  The pattern is Ken, by Berroco.  Not the greatest, but it got the job done and yeah, these were my first pair of gloves!  I think I can handle socks now.

That’s not the correct color at all; here’s a better representation:

That, clearly, is from when they were still in progress   I sort of wish I’d gotten a set of the shorter DPNs in the size, also–those long ones got rather unweildy up on the fingers:

See?  Deeply offensive.

I crocheted this shawl for my grandma out of Caron Simply Soft.  She’s allergic to wool, and would honestly be offended if I used a fancy yarn on something for her.

The pattern was All-Season Shawl by Priscilla Hewitt, and it worked up really quickly…maybe 10 hours of work?

I haven’t made it out to Sumner to give it to her yet, but I’m sure she’ll love it

I also made a pair of Fetchings for myself, but am not all that happy with them.  They’re (surprise surprise) Lion Wool.

Aside from those charming little cables, I guess I just don’t see why everybody’s all agog over this pattern. I think I need to take them apart, add anohter round of cables, and then just do a straight bind-off to reduce that curl-back.

Like I said, charming little cables.

I also did a bunch of other random stuff for my preschool’s fundraiser–scarves, hats, y’know.  Skating Queen is done, apart from putting elastic into the waistband so the damned thing’ll actually stay up.

I’ve got lots of other exciting projects queued up for the new year…here’s to knitting in 2008!


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