I have just done something that I honestly thought I would never, ever do.  Ever.

And I can’t tell you yet.  BUT I do think it’s safe to say that you probably won’t find it as exciting as I do, so let’s just get that out of the way right now.

We’re heading to KC this afternoon–our friend Melanie turns 21 today (yay!), and my cousin Olivia turns 2 on Saturday (yay!).  I shall bring my new rolling knitting bag:

which was a Christmas gift from Mom and Dad.  I flippin’ LOVE this thing, let me tell you.  It has (approximately) a shitton of pockets and is just the right size for 5 or 6 of my current WIPs.  It can hold all of my needles and a couple books, my nostepinne and hooks, and other such accouterments.  Right now, it contains my nearly-complete Invisibility Shawl, my half-complete Ravenclaw scarf, my nearly complete MYSTERYPROJECT, and the yarn for Mom’s mobius and another little “here and there” sort of doodad.  With room to spare.

But before you get ideas of me wheeling this down the street behind me whenever I go anywhere, that’s not how I use it   It lives next to the couch, mostly, right by my spot and my light.  When I go on short jaunts  (and oh how frequently I do! ), I just choose one project and stick it in my travelling knitting bag, along with my small notions/tools case.  Then, whenever I go on a long jaunt (KC, St Louis, etc) I bring the whole thing…no more choosing which project to bring on a trip!  Yahoo!

I flippin’ LOVE this thing.


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