The things I do

The things I do

I’m going to preschool a bit late today because I’ve got to stick around and make sure Jeff wakes up in time for his 9:00 job interview (keep your fingers crossed!), so I thought I’d actually take a minute and post a few general updates here…

Both birthdays in KC were fantastic.  Melani e’s was at a lounge/bowling alley I’ve never been to before–it’s out at Legends, one of those new outdoor shopping “experiences” way-the-heck out in the middle of nowhere.  It was really cool though–I had a $7 Tom Collins, and bowled a 58.  I’m sure the two were in no way related .

Olivia’s was on Saturday afternoon, and I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, once my cousin Susan emails them to me (Hey Susy?  Can you email me pictures from Saturday?).  It was fun, too.  Turning 2 is serious business

Yesterday, Jeff got his acceptance letter to Mizzou Law!  Yay!  So we at least know, now, that Jeff *will* be going to law school, even if he doesn’t get into any of his top choices (highly unlikely that he won’t, but still).  It’s nice to have that peace of mind, but, like I said, we’re really hoping he’ll get to go to one of the T14 or T20 schools.

Finally, knitting *has* been accomplished.  Behold:

Yup, that’s my super awesome project, stretched out from 2 days’ wear (I was too proud to take them off!) and the yarn (Sockotta).  Socks really are surprisingly easy, I was happy to discover.  And wow…handknit socks?  Soooo much comfier than store bought ones.  You don’t really get it ’till you’ve tried it.

I really (And I mean REALLY) couldn’t have done it without Silver’s Sock Class, though.  If you want to learn how to knit socks, that’s the place to go.  Wow.

I was so proud of my success there, that I immediately cast on for my second pair.  Sock knitting = an addiction within an addiction.

(yay dirty laundry in luggage!  I rock!)

I named it squiggle sock, for the simple little squiggly cable-looking things going down either side of the top of the foot.

See?  The two never overlap–the top is always on top, the bottom is always on bottom.

I’m now in the process of working on the second one…I think I’m about 2″ into the cuff, or so.

I’m making these with only 56 stitches and Wildfoote, so they’ll be nice and snug and thick.  I wore the first one for an entire day (too proud to take it off, remember?) and I can officially say that it kept my left foot much warmer than my store-bought-sock-clad right foot.  Duh.    Oh, and these look soooo cute with my Birkenstocks!

I’ve not been knitting naught but socks, though (scramble yer brains, 10c).  My Invisibility shawl has been chugging along!

Or, if you’re more inclined to the awesome, let’s look at it this way:


I think I’ve got about 8″ to go on this (the pattern only calls for knitting it to 40″, but that seemed awfully short to me, so I’m going to knit it to 50 or 52, and then blocking should take it up to about 62 or 64″ from there. I intend to block like I play Mario Kart 64:  aggressively.

I love knitting.   (duh?)


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