stashy stashy

Last night I elected not to knit due to a sore right wrist (sure sign I need a day off, AND need to learn continental!), so I decided to play with my yarn anyway

I went to Wal-Mart and picked up 3 plastic bins of varying sizes, and put them to work containing all my nicely organized stash.  Coupled with the massive black bag and the massive clear plastic bin I already had, I now have a place to put all my yarn.

But, like a woman who looks into a full closet and announces “I have nothing to wear!”, I, too, upon sorting my stash, realized that I have (almost) nothing to knit with.  Think about it:  if we got a huge blizzard and were snowed into the house for 3 weeks straight, what would I have to work on?  OK that’s not quire fair, since I *do* have enough laceweight to do 3 wraps in addition to the one I’m  working on now, so with that alone we know I wouldn’t run out of things to do.  So, then, what if we got a huge blizzard and were snowed into the house for 3 weeks straight and Jeff burned all my laceweight so we could keep warm?  I’d kill him.    Just kidding.  But if that did happen (the blizzard and the burning, not the killing), all I would have is 100g of Urban Silk and 5 pairs’ worth of sock yarn.  And THAT, my friends, is not enough!  Hence, as soon as I have discretionary income, I must get myself down to Hillcreek for some serious stash augmentation treatment.  I need mooooooooore sock yarn!  I need moooooooore worsted weight! I need enough of a delicious DK to make the Basic Black cardigan which I so lust after!  I cannot wait ’till I have discretionary income

In the meantime, here’s the result of last night’s diligent sorting, ball-winding, and Ziploc-bagging:

What I consider to be my ‘good’ stash, tucked away in its little under-TV hidey hole:

(There’s also one of Jeff’s Christmas presents on top–a Sopranos trivia game which he LOVES, but which we haven’t played yet because he’s afraid it contains spoilers and we’ve only seen through season 3   Sounds like a good reason to buy seasons 4-6, no? )

The scraps:

I’m saving them, because they’re all ‘good’ yarn and I know someday I’ll have a use for them–some stripey wool socks, or some Weasley sweater ornaments, perhaps?  Or cat toys?

Here’s what I consider “the good stuff” (Ravelry-worthy):  my laceweight, sock yarn, etc.

On the left there are my nearly-complete Fetchings, which I still have to fix   Sad, it makes me.

Layer 2, lurking underneath:

You can also see my cedar balls.  HA! I have balls of cedar!  Like Paul Bunyan?

And finally, to distract the reader from that horrible comment above, here’s the rest of the stash.  None of it is Ravelry-worthy, in my eyes–it’s all old RH, a couple of Fun Fur novelty yarns, etc.

And, of course, my lovely new rolling knitting bag on the left.  I love my lovely new rolling knitting bag

Knitters, post yer stash!


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