Easy peasy cheater’s chicken soup

I call this recipe, Chicken Soup for the Sick, Bitchy Knitter’s “Soul” (if by ‘soul’ you mean the unique configuration of schemas, memories of past events and inherent temperament that results in the more-or-less unique personality that each person expresses).

Please don’t pick on me for not buying a whole chicken, making a stock, and then using the chicken for a number of delicious ‘leftover chicken’-y recipes.  I just don’t have the energy right now.

1 small jar stewed tomatoes (canned by my grandmother, if possible.  Albeit highly unlikely)
1/2 large jar canned green beans (see above)
1 large can chicken (it’s next to the tuna, yo)
1 can chicken broth (you’re seeing double in the photo below)
1 bag mixed vegetables (I used peas, carrots, and more green beans for good measure)
2 jars mushrooms (unless your DH is a freak-o and doesn’t like them, like mine)
1/4 cup rice (not pictured)
salt and pepper to taste (or if, like me, you can’t currently taste anything, then wait and add it once Jeff comes home and can taste it for you.  What’s Jeff doing in your home, anyway?  Is he delivering you a pizza?  Then why the heck are you making soup?  Weirdo.)

Dump it all in your crock pot (EXCEPT THE RICE!  GOOD LORD DON’T PUT THE RICE IN YET!!!), turn the setting onto “low” and let it simmer while you do more productive things, like sleeping, knitting, or adoring the cats.

About 45 minutes before you’re ready to eat, dump in the rice (THE RICE!  GOOD LORD PUT THE RICE IN NOW!!!).

If I’m up to it, I might make some bread to go with this.  I want to be nice to Jeff.  He deserves it for nursing me these past 5 days.  Even if he wouldn’t wear the little white uniform

I really really wish someone would give me a sourdough starter   I’ve always thought that would just be the coolest thing to have…


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