Parte Uno:

Why block?



I blocked that shawl pretty agressively (and throughout the process, yes I did think “Yay!  I’m blocking agressively!”) because the JaggerSpun is a pretty springy yarn, and I figured that after blocking it would relax a bit.  So to get a nice overall shape, I should block a bit more than you would to, say, get fit measurements on a sweater.  The more you know, you know.

Parte Dos:

Freaking outside.  Freaking weather.  I woke up this morning and it was suspiciously dark in our (already usually dark) bedroom.  Look outside and it’s raining heavily.  Now, I dunno about you, but I ❤ snow.  So much so, that when it rains during the winter I get sad, thinking about all those raindrops which could’ve been snowflakes.  It’s true.  So then I notice that it’s 30* out, and that’s not just any rain…it’s freezing rain, creating ice on the power lines, and on the bushes, and on the ROADS.  Spectacular.  Then, as I’m watching, the rain turns into snowy rainy stuff, and the temperature drops lower.  So I hop onto the weather forecast place, and learn that over the next 24 hours, we’re due for 8-12 inches of the good stuff.  Yippee!!  Now if only the family I’m babysitting for will cancel…. (yeah right).

We’re on our 4th month of the stuff, but I still ❤ snow


I just slipped on Jeff’s shoes and ducked out onto our porch for a second to snap these:

I stepped onto the step, and it was like walking on spilled Icee:

Ice freezing on the windows (which also tells you something about our stupid neighbor, who controls the furnace for the whole house):

Jeff really didn’t want to work (but he is), I really don’t want to babysit (but I will).  Thank goodness for the SIP:

Made out of my other skein of:

But which I might have to frog, because these were worked thus far with the assistance of the nearest handy 5- and 3-year-olds, and though I adore them, knitter’s helpers they are not.  (The 3-year-old asked what I was making, and when I told her she said, “Oh, no!  Socks AGAIN?!”.  Jeff’s sentiments exactly )

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