Love this sock yarn.  Love it.  It’s like, “me” in sock yarn form.  Must find the perfect project for it…maybe just Jaywalker?

Maybe Anastasia?  Or Broadripple?  Or River Rapids?  Oooh….Nutkin!  That’s it!  These shall be Nutkins!

(right after I finish these Easy Peasy basic socks made of my other skein of Sockotta (fair isle))

After choosing above yarn, I sat and knat (sitted and knitted?) with Kathy, Kathy, and a bunch of other women who I imagine are also probably named Kathy.  The Kathys were very nice and I shall return.

I also wound my MIL’s Baruffa Cashwool:

from the icky cakes made by Kirkwood Knittery, into a nice lovely squishy, rustic-looking one (how rustic can laceweight look? ) by yours truly.

1460 yards of loveliness.  Makes my heart beat oh so quickly.

❤ you, shiny shiny yarn.  You shall soon become a lovely shawl.  Ha HA!



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