Sock+ Progress = sogress.

I have one of my Sockotta Fair Isle-esque socks done and it’s so easy I called it “Easy Peasy.”  I know, my creativity never fails to astound me, either.  But, ya don’t get socks more basic than this.  Cuff down, 8 rounds of 2×2, then straight stockinette.  Mindless.

But pretty.

You know how you’re doing a cuff down sock?  And the heel flap is the only part not worked in the round?  And if you’re using a self-striping yarn the stripes get really fat?  Because they’re only going across half the number of stitches?  Yeah.  I ❤ that.

And that charming little gusset, too.  Gusset!  Gusset! (Is it a dirty word yet?)

But best of all, for Little Miss Anal (that’s me), check out how sockie #2 is working up:

As the Kool-Aid guy says, “Oh, yeah.”  It doesn’t get more perfect than that.  (Ignore the difference in the cuffs–sock #1’s cuff is stretched out ’cause I wore it around the house all evening.

See?  Perfect.  And I only had to fudge a little bit on where I started the second sock.  But that doesn’t count because it’s all in the name of my long-term sanity.

❤ you, Easy Peasy socks.  And I can’t wait to finish you and move on to greater things.  Lace ‘n’ such.  ::sob:: I’m so sorry!


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