New Preschool

New preschool

The outside space is still pretty empty, until the ground thaws:

Pretty floors:


Tumbling room:

Main room:

(Oh, didn’t I mention that our preschool is exclusively for kids who suffer the awful condition of Black-Circle-Headedness?)

Dramatic play area:

Art/snack area:

(Some of the parents suffer from Black-Circle-Headedness, too–which indicates that the disease is hereditary)


(This one would be a lot cuter were it not for the Black-Circle-Headedness)

Just a few of the stories I put out (many others had already been scattered around the reading area by this point)


The reading/jumping couch:

I ❤ our new school–it’s soooo much better than the old location.  We OWN this building and can do whatever we want within it.  The kids have more space, and it’s easier on the parents/volunteers because volunteer hours can be used in spending time with the kids, not just with breaking down/setting up the classrooms.

Old school, circa August 2007.


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