Knittin’ along, singin’ my song

So you know how sometimes you’re carrying on at a nice ol’ pace, working on 2 or 3 or 4 or more WIPs, and all is good in your knitting world?  And then there’s that little nagging thought in the back of your head?  And you ignore it for a while, because whatever it’s talking about can’t be nearly as much fun as the socks and sweater and blanket and scarf you’re working on?  And then that little nagging thought won’t let you ignore it anymore?  And then you realize that that’s a good thing?  Because you don’t want to look like a bum?  Because that nagging thought was actually “Hey you have deadline knitting to be doing, girlie!  Shape up!”?

Yeah.  That.

That’s precisely how these delightful little legwarmers came into being:

Aren’t they adorable  (suppose I should say “Isn’t it adorable”, considering I only bothered to put one on for this photo)?  Don’t they look great with my garage sale boots?  Can’t you imagine me staying cozy warm in these puppies all winter long?

It’s such a shame I have to give them away

(no, I didn’t dislocate my leg for the sake of this photo)

But at least they’re being given away to a good person, for a good cause.  The person:  a wonderful girl named Cassie, who makes the most delicious jalapeno jelly ever.  The cause:  2 jars of aforementioned jalapeno jelly.

It’s a fair trade if I ever made one!

I was originally going to make these from a pattern, but then I couldn’t find any that would produce just the look I wanted.  So with two skeins of Bernat Alpaca and my trust #10 needles in hand, I set off a’designin’.

And I do think they turned out pretty well.  They’re a bit big on me, but the recipient has a bit larger calves than I do, so they should fit her perfectly.  Plus, the drawstring at the top takes care of any potential slippage, too.

They’re worked from the ankle up, starting with a few rows of garter stitch, then a bunch of stockinette and strategic calf increases, ending with a tidy little tube for a drawstring (i-cord, elastic, ribbon, or super-bulky yarn–whatever tickles your fancy).  The holes for the drawstring and the seaming are positioned so that the legwarmers are worn with the seam at the back and drawstring coming out the outsides of the leg.  Very comfortable.  Very cute.  Kicky, even?

I think on my next pair I’ll put a little cable running up the outside of the leg.  Or maybe a slipped stitch motif?  Or some colorwork?

I think I’ll think of these as a “blank canvas.”

A blank canvas which I’ve actually written the pattern down for. And after I test-knit a pair for myself and figure out sizing calculations, I think I’ll put the pattern out there for y’all.

(emphasis serves as a reminder to myself to actually do so)

❤ these legwarmers.  I’m sad that they have to go live in a new home, though I do hope their recipient likes them as much as I do

Now, back to the Nutkins…


One response to “Knittin’ along, singin’ my song

  1. I really like your legwarmer! I like the color a lot, and the drawstring is a simple but cute touch. It does look great with your boot. Great job.

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