Mom made me do it.

What looked like this earlier today:

Now looks like this:

Yes, I’m starting my Ravenclaw scarf for the *third* time.  That’s 3rd.  1-2-3rd.


Because I am crazy, as well as classically anal-retentive.  That means I’m clinically unable to live with the little jogs that lived at the edge of every trapped bar:

(see ’em there?  On the veeeeery far left of the picture?)

Why I didn’t figure this out until I was over halfway done with the damned thing, I do not know.  The answer to that will, I fear, remain forever a mystery.

So I figured out the obvious/remarkably easy solution (Perhaps “figured out” is a misstatement, as the solution was written right there in Charmed Knits the whole time, I just didn’t bother to read it), called my mom for emotional support and confirmation, broke out the nostepinne and let ‘er rip.  ::sigh::

I can’t believe it’s all gone.  And I did it myself.  No one to blame but me.

I won’t start it again until tomorrow.  I can’t handle any more distress tonight.

(But, on a happier note, I gave the legwarmers to their intended recipient and she *loved* them.  Yay!)


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