FO Dos

Two FOs for today!

First the pretend Fair Isle socks–Plymouth Sockotta.

I was just glad to have these done.

I’m not thrilled with them, but whatever. I’ve just got another pair of socks, and it’s all good

But here’s what I’m really happy about:  my Nutkins!

These socks shall never be removed from my feet.  Ever.

Though I was unable to figure out the short-row heels and toes, I think I like the look of the heel flap anyway

The only (repeat:  ONLY) thing I’m not too wild about is something which was my fault:  my messy YOs on the first row of each repeat:

Everything else, though, is just glorious:

Including the yarn (Trekking XXL).  The above photos are a pretty accurate representation of its shade.  The below photo is not.  But I like the angle.

❤ you, Nutkins.  ❤ you, Easy Peasy Socks.  Goodnight, moon.

PS>Now I’m off, on a grand tour of the state of Kansas!  I’m visiting my cousins in Lawrence tonight, and my friend Stef is having a birthday party in Baldwin City tomorrow night.  Should be fun!


One response to “FO Dos

  1. Oooh!!! Fancy! I likey! I was going to get my seperate blog from Xanga, but I didn’t think anyone would keep reading it. LOL.

    *goes and updates bookmarks*

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