This is my evening.

There is a reason we don’t usually act upon our impulses. But you want to know a secret? There’s a reason we sometimes do.

Wine? Check. Computer? Check. More wine? Check. Bottled water? Check. Mending? Check.

And I am doing my damndest to find the bottom of that $3 bottle of Aldi wine before Jeff comes home at 1:00 to take it from me. My wine. Mine.

If I were 19 21 again, that Fiji bottle would be filled with vodka, and I’d be surreptitiously toting it across campus to my friend’s dorm room. Not that I ever did that, officer (occifer?).

But as it is, I’m not 19 21 again, so that bottle contains only “Natural Artisan Water”. And it shall be my tool for hangover prevention.

And we all know that when you’re a grownup you can’t let yourself have too good a time, so I’m putting a damper on the well-mannered frivolity by partaking in this:

Woo hoo! Laundry!!!!!

And by partying with these two wildmen:

I woke Macbeth up for this picture. You can tell. He likes his Saturday nights even tamer than mine.

The highlight of my day (until I discovered the joys of Windows Media Player, cheap chardonnay, and blogging) was buying this cat food. Really!

Damn, my camera takes pretty good middle-of-the-night impulse-blogging shots. Go D40!

The following conversation did not happen:

(knock at the door)
me: “Yes?”
my neighbor: “Could you please turn down your music as it’s midnight and the walls of this house are paper thin?”
me: “Nope. I figured that, given your propensity for playing shitty 90s soft rock at 7:30 in the morning, you wouldn’t mind my Lynyrd Skynrd, Ben Folds, and Flogging Molly at midnight.”
::slams door in his face::

But can I tell you a secret? I really wish it did happen. But we all know, I’m more passive (less agressive) than that.

. . . .

There was a time when I would have concluded this post with a random amalgam of ‘significant’ song lyrics, cryptically coded with creatively-applied colorations and italicizations. But I’m no longer 19 21, so I’ll just say ‘bye!

And remind you to give me an assignment!

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