To me, cowboy boots are the perfect footwear option.  They’re cute, but not trendy (right now.  Right?  Or are they trendy again? I lose track).  They’re comfortable and warm.  They have just enough heel to help neutralize my height disadvantage.  They’re hard-wearing and practical.  Everything I need and love in a shoe.

I practically live in them, unless there’s snow on the ground or it’s the middle of summer.  And sometimes, even then.

I love my cowboy boots.  Both of them fill a specific need.  I couldn’t do without either.

One pair is dressy, show-offy.  If I can’t be a show-offy person, I can at least have show-offy boots:

The fact that they’re amazingly sturdy and comfortable certainly doesn’t hurt anything, either.  Pair them with my favorite jeans and a plain-colored (NOT PINK!!!) top, and I’m set

The other pair are real workhorses.

I can kick around in these for hours.  Tromp around the state park, chase preschoolers (hopefully not all around a state park), or just sit back and relax.  They’re not too pretty, but damn…I wouldn’t want to be in a world without these boots.

And just think, I got ’em for $10.  Sha-weet.

But unfortunately, I still feel that void in my life.  An empty, cowboy boot shaped hole.  One which must be filled.

Conveniently, I have just learned from my esteemed husband that, once the financial gods smile upon us (and man, are they ever overdue to!), I will be ‘permitted’ to procure a third pair.  THE pair.

These boots will fill an important role in my wardrobe.  I need them to be a bit more subtle, less flashy than my pink beauties.  But just as comfortable, and just as cute.  I need them to be the One Pair of shoes that I take on trips–the One Pair which can carry me to every end of the spectrum.

And since they’ve got to be willing to take me to every end, then I need to be willing to look to the ends of the earth to find them.

Or, I can just check out Zappos.


Reviews say they’re good for wide-ish feet, I love the stitch detailing, and I think the rubber sole means they’ll be better in yucky winter weather.  But half the fun of cowboy boots is that slick leather sole! Hmm…

Justin L2660:

I love the box toe on these, and the slightly higher heel.  But what’s that business with the pulls?  It looks like that would rub my calves…hmmm again…

Ariat Legend Bramble:

Another definitely drool-worthy pair.  Looooooove the stitching!  But I wonder if they aren’t really just as show-offy as my pink ones?  Maybe I should go for something more subtle?  And also, again with the rubberized sole.

Ariat Legend:

I keep coming back to the Ariats…  Y’know, it’s looking like these might be the ones that have everything I need/love!  They look like they could be dressed up easily enough, and I absoutely adore the stitching.  2″ heel might be a little low, but I think that’s still higher than what my Lucchese’s have.  <3!

Yes, I think that last pair may fill the cowboy boot-shaped hole in my soul.  I think I’ll have to try on some Ariats in person before ordering them, though…see how they work with my wide-ish feet and abnormally high arches.

Which ones are your favorites?  Do you do the cowboy boot thing?  (If not, I highly recommend you give it a shot You can thank me later)


2 responses to “Bootsies

  1. Actually…we had a tomato plant in a pot last year and it did really really well! Hopefully our herbs will actually grow. 🙂

    I love your pink cowboy boots!!

  2. which boots did you end up getting?

    and no, we in new england are the anti-cowboy boot region. just wouldn’t be prudent.

    but i heartily encourage you collecting many pairs.

    i like the first and last pair personally. the last pair are fancy on the leg but more subtle on the foot so they’re more versatile. and you need a pair of black boots. it’s a rule.

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