We haven’t done bullets for a while now, have we?  And since I’m currently laid up with a sudden-onset stomach bug and Ellen isn’t on for 25 minutes, I suppose a bulleted post it’ll be!

  • I’ve become hopelessly addicted to Weed(s).  Not the cannabis thing.  The Showtime show.  The one about the widowed middle-aged housewife who starts selling marijuana.  That one.  It’s brilliant!  Somewhat akin to Arrested Development in the nature of the humor (though not at all similar in frequency), and to The Sopranos in format.  Jeff and I barreled our way through the first season over the course of two evenings, and he just downloaded season two.  I’m suspecting that this season might be more extreme–both in its humor and its drama–as those shows often do when they find their niche.  Also, this is the first time in recorded history that I’ve actually started liking a show before it’s ended/cancelled.  I’m catching up to the times!
  • If I have to find an office-y job when we move, wouldn’t it be cool if I could write captions for catalogs?  Like Elaine?  Yeah!  I know!  Don’t steal my idea, y’all 😛
  • When I was a kid and got to miss school for a doctor’s appointment or whatever, and my mom would be driving me around, I always wondered about the other cars on the road–weren’t all those people supposed to be at work in their offices?  Why would they be out driving around?  Then I figured out that they must all be other mommies driving their kids to the doctor.
  • I’m still chugging along at a nice rate on the Sideways Spencer.  I’m probably the last freaking person in the test knit group to finish it.  But I think I’m gonna love it!  I ‘tried it on’ last night (read:  draped it over my shoulders and had Jeff stand behind me and pinch the sleeves shut (it’s knit flat).  I think it’ll fit!  Though I will say, I think I’m becoming increasingly less fond of those blunt-ended Clover bamboo needles.  The tips are ok in the smaller sizes, but the 8’s that I’m using here just seem like little stumps.  Makes me all the more enthusiastic about ordering those KnitPicks Options!  (which will be soon, hopefully)
  • I took several cute photos of the kids I sit for, but I feel kind of weird about posting them online.  So I won’t.  Unfortunately, they don’t have that debilitating case of black circle-headedness 😉
  • I just realized that this is supposed to be Wordless Wednesday.  Man, I fail.  Look for an appropriately word-free post later tonight, I suppose (damn, that means I’ll have to go do something exciting…who wants pictures of me puking?)
  • I love this page.  It sums things up so nicely and so politely.  Plus, on the ninth line down you can see who I named my little Mazda Protege after! 🙂  (ooh, I should blog about that sometime…besides now.  So forget you just read that).

It’s 11:00–time for Ellen!  And knitting!  And, probably, quality time with the porcelain goddess.  Since you asked.


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