Now now.

I have knitting to show you, but this issue takes precedence.

Read this woman’s account of the current situation in Tibet, and contrast it with the glossed-over version put out to our major news sources. (This’ll get you started)

Some background info:  Lena and Joy are Americans who have been living in a Tibetan village for the past several years, using their resources and reader donations to provide medical care and education to those in their area.  Lately, though, Joy’s blog has shifted focus–a necessity–to serve as a straightforward, insider’s view of the horrors in her adopted country and the effect those horrors have had on the locals in her village.

But what really breaks my heart is this part from the blog post:
The Tibetans themselves are praying that the Americans and the United Nations will step in and stop the slaughter. They believe that it’s their only hope for avoiding genocide – they do not have enough numbers and no ability to fight. Global pressure is the only thing they believe will have the slightest effect on the Chinese authorities. He says to me, please get the word out. Ask everyone in America to write the president. He likes fights doesn’t he? Let him fight this if he’s going to fight something. It’s our only chance. Otherwise the Chinese government will kill us all.

Even after all the massive fuck-ups of the current administration, America is seen as having the capability to help or alleviate this situation.  This is not a new issue–the push for a free Tibet has been going on as long as I can remember, and long before I was born.  And though we have the resources to fight a pointless war in the Middle East so as to line the oil companies’ pockets, our government is apparently unable to step in and actively work to resolve the situation in Tibet.  Because over there, what’s in it for us?  (Except, y’know, human rights advocacy, maintenance of a culture, and the peace of mind that comes from having done the right thing.  Oh, and the possibility of redeeming ourselves in the worlds’ eyes.)  But if we piss off China, we’ll lose our biggest source of $25 TVs and $2 t-shirts, so nothing will happen.  Our priorities lay with saving a buck at Wal-Mart rather than saving a life halfway across the world.

Just something to think about this weekend….happy Friday?


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