Be prepared

Say what you will about me, but you can never accuse me of being unprepared for *any* contingency:

I just packed my knitting for the three-day weekend in St. Louis.

I brought some truly mindless work:

(Half the foot to go, on my second Alpaca Sox Sox [my own design/basic sock formula]!)

And some back up socks, for when I finish those:

(Knitty’s Hedera and some Fortissima Socka)

Something even more mindless, but also less fun:

(Knitty’s Fetching and some Maxim Starlette–one of the free yarns from preschool, and destined  to be gift mitts for our director)

A “winter, please don’t be over!” project:

(Knitty’s Cozy, and some Brown Sheep worsted)

And something I haven’t even cast on for yet:

That’s good ol’ Cascade 220 [color:  Jet], destined to become a Claudia hat for Jeff (he picked out the pattern and yarn himself!)

But I can do myself one better.  I also brought some knitting for which I haven’t even bought the yarn yet:

(Lace Capelet, from Rainy Day Goods)

And did I put it all in my super-nifty rolling knitting bag?  Nooo, of course not!  For I am telling myself that this weekend is all about packing *light*.  And bringing a whole knitting bag wouldn’t be packing “light”, would it?  No! (Hmm…though if I did bring it, I could fit in that mobius for Mom, and maybe the yarn and pattern for my next socks…)

No, instead I fit all that junk pictured above, into here:

Its capacity is rivaled only by that of Mary Poppins’ famous carpet bag.

Oh yeah, and I also fit in two cameras (plus some extra batteries, extra cards, y’know…), my notions bag, a few more pairs of needles, and all the regular stuff that goes in a girl’s bag.

Because I’m packing light, y’know.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, we’re leaving in 10 minutes and I’ve just spent more time packing my knitting than I did all our clothes and toiletries.  Oops.


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