Full Speed Ahead!

Damn the torpedoes! (Guess when I learned that it was “damn” as in “screw ’em“, not “dam” as in “retain them“?  Yesterday, that’s when.  True story.)

I don’t care if my parents’ rotten dog tried to eat this yarn!

Work around the difficulty! (cry, untangle, and reskein)

I don’t care if Alpaca Sox has very little memory and is thus, as such, ill-suited for actual socks!

Work around the difficulty! (ribbing, ribbing, everywhere)

I don’t care if, in my ongoing effort to have significant leftover yarn, I made the foot about 1/2″ too short (same for the heel flap, probably, too)!

Work around the difficulty! (wear ’em anyway)

Full speed ahead!  Wear ’em anyway!

Because at the end of the day, they’re still the softest socks I’ve ever made.

They were ill-fated from the start, but now they’re done.  I’m still absolutely in love with the colorway (Peacock), but could’ve done a lot better on various aspects of the construction.  Alas.  But, but, but…feel the alpaca!


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