I finished these on Saturday afternoon, just in time to wear on our super-quick overnight trip to KC:

The pattern is Blueberry Waffle Socks by Sandy Turner, only I did mine in fingering-weight yarn over 64 stitches instead of the DK-weight the pattern’s written in.

Yarn is Trekking XXL, which is quickly becoming my (and about a million other knitters’) sock yarn of choice.

As of right now, these babies have barely left my feet since I first pulled them on on Sat. afternoon, and they’re still firmly in shape…such is the nature of Trekking, and of wool–that most wondrous of wondrous fibers!

That striping was really unexpected, too.  I thought if would self-stripe pretty evenly…guess I was wrong 😛

I’m also seriously in love with this waffle pattern.  It may have to make another appearance sometime.  Soon.

Now I suppose I should *probably* take them off, and I should *probably* shower before work, but I don’t wanna!

Finally, the socks on their trip to KC:

The very trip which shall serve as blog fodder for tomorrow.  I bet y’all can’t wait, can you?  (It’s OK to say “yes, yes I can.”)


One response to “Pie?

  1. I love those socks. I want those socks.

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