When I…

…bake a cake, I sometimes spoon a bit of batter back *into* the bowl, to tide me over ’till the cake is done.

…am around toddlers or kids, I always wear my sturdy silver Tiffany’s necklace.  It distracts crying babies–gives them something to do as I rock them to sleep–but is sturdy enough to stand up to a good yank.

…get up in the morning, I always kiss Jeff before getting out of bed.

…wash dishes, I hold contests with myself to see how many clean dishes I can cram into the drainer.

…read a book with an image on the cover, I frequently check back and look at the cover image during breaks in reading.

…wear handknit socks, I have an extra bounce in my step.  Must be that springy wool!

…drive my car, I rarely bother to take off my purse unless it’s a long trip.

…do laundry, I must do it ALL in one massive marathon.

…eat Chinese, I always eat one item at a time out of the stir fry–except shrimp ( I intersperse those throughout).

…watch a movie, Jeff has to read the captions/subtitles, as I can’t see to read them myself.

…fall asleep at night, it’s usually to The Colbert Report.

…take a shower, I shampoo –> shave –> body wash –> face wash.

…sneeze, it’s very cute (or so I’m told).

…run out of Diet Coke, the first thing I do when I get home with a new 12-pack is chug two cans.  Before I even put away the frozen veggies and such.

…listen to music, I always sing.

…get sad, looking through my yarn stash always helps.

…write a letter, I use my very best cursive on the recipient’s name and address.

…have a good dream, it stays with me all day.  Bad dreams don’t.

…cuddle a kitty, I must always kiss its ears to watch them fold back.  Kitties’ anger is cute.

…finish a sock, I wear it all day–even if I haven’t finished the other one yet.

…need to relax, I settle in with a History Channel marathon (love me some poorly-acted historical documentaries!).

…feel the urge to buy something, I usually go grocery shopping and come home with strawberry cake mix, twizzlers, and honey braided pretzels, but no milk, lettuce, or bread.

…eat an apple, I slice it first.

…write a blog post, I frequently pause to look out the window and daydream a bit.


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