We’re in (Bachman-Turer) Overdrive!

Pretend that this post is an awesome 80’s montage.  A “gettin’ stuff done” montage, done to the tune of everybody’s favorite “gettin’ stuff done” montage music:  Takin’ Care of Business.

In this montage, we’re showing Jeff and my preparations for our upcoming move.

  • I fill a ginormous box with my hardcover books, making Jeff strain his back as he attempts to lift it.
  • Both of us tossing item after item over our shoulders, into the ever-increasing Yard Sale Pile.
  • I walk by in the background lugging an armload of winter coats, as Jeff, in the foreground, serenely sits and browses the Internet.
  • Jeff affectionately picks a bit of dust out of my hair, acquired at my time in the back of the closet.
  • A cat in a box.
  • Two cats in a box!
  • Two cats in two boxes!
  • Empty boxes.
  • Good-natured bickering over, “do we really need to save the armchair that has been systematically decimated by tiny cat claws?”
  • Jeff driving down to Columbia with boxes full of our possessions (for the purposes of this montage, he’s got sunglasses on, the windows rolled down and moonroof open, and the radio blaring–what else?–Takin’ Care of Business.
  • I dig through just-packed boxes in search of my cell phone.
  • Jeff walks in the front door, picking and climbing over towers of boxes, only to find me passed out among them, packing tape in one hand and a Sharpie resting on the cat’s nose.

And that, my friends, is why I’m too tired to post any pictures.


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