I fell for it

Oh yes, that is what you think it is:  it’s a Clapotis.

I promise, I don’t know what happened…but I like it.  I love it.  I can see why there are nearly 6000 on Ravelry. The yarn (Peter Pan DK) isn’t really ‘me’, though, so into the Christmas gift pile it goes.  I have a recipient in mind, and I think she’ll flip out over it

This is not an accurate representation of the color:

This is:

~Since I worked it in a DK-weight yarn, I did 11 repeats instead of the 8 that the pattern calls for.  I didn’t make each repeat any wider, though.
~Added a few extra inches to the length, since I like my shawls a bit long.

Next time I’m going to change a few things.  I think I’ll mark my dropped stitches with the purl method rather than stitch markers, and I’ll do the twisted stitches on every row, instead of just on the RS rows. This should neaten up those edges just a bit.  I might make each repeat a stitch wider, too.


PS>More details on Ravelry, coming soon!


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