Dabba di, dabba dai

Sitting here in the new house, it’s my first day back on the Internet since…May 22nd.

I have precisely 510 posts still unread in my Google Reader, and umpteen more pages of Xanga subscriptions.

I’ve just spent the past two hours whittling that number down, and still with no end in sight.

This has been the longest time I’ve spent away from the Internet EVER–or at least, since there was an Internet.


We have about 3 boxes left to unpack in the ‘main’ part of the house, though this room I’m in now–the guest room/study/craft room (aka “blue room”, logically named after the color of the walls)–is still almost as chaotic as it was the day we moved in.  Both our computers are set up, though, and isn’t that the most important thing?

This afternoon:  an excruciatingly detailed photo tour.  I’m already revving myself up for it, and you should be too.


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