Look at me, I’m a Grownup!

(from Garfield minus Garfield)

I’m applying for a lot of jobs.  A lot.  And I’m hoping to get an interview really soon.

But y’all know how my motivational systems work:  the idea of being chucked out onto the street, of having to eat our cats to stave off starvation, the idea of giving up digital cable–that doesn’t do a lot for me.  I mean it does, but, y’know…it won’t get me off my ass.

The idea of getting a new suit, something to wear to a job interview, though, that does a lot.  A LOT.  So I went and bought one.  And now I’m *highly* motivated to find an interview at which to wear this thing.

It’s funny how my mind works sometimes, isn’t it?

Y’all might recall that my past jobs have all involved either 1) a uniform or 2) ripped jeans and an old hoodie.  I have also been known, once, to wear a wedding dress.   But never before have I had a job (or even, really, an interview) which required a suit.  It was a whole new experience for me.

So yesterday I hit up Macy’s sale, and came home with this:

Suit is by Anne Klein, and it’s a dark charcoal grey with a really faint line-y checker-y thing.  And the jacket is too big in the middle (bane of my existance), and the pants are too long (see: bane), so I will have to get it altered.  But for only $120, it wasn’t too bad.  Also, I love the styling–the jacket is just the right length, and I like how it’s angle-y yet still feminine.

Also, that’s the ONLY white button-down shirt I could find in Macy’s.  Really. Only one.

But I also found this one!

(I promise my arm isn’t really the size of a small whale.  Really)  And at $9 on clearance for the shirt above, you can’t go wrong.  Unless you wear it to a job interview.  But I wouldn’t do that.

Then I went to Old Navy, and got this shirt!

It’s blue!  With stripes!  And you can’t tell!  But that’s OK!  You’ll just have to trust me!  Really!

So I got home and called my mom and was all excited about what a good grown up I’m being, and then the whole world was happy.

And then today, Mom told me that I really need another suit too.  One with a skirt.  So back to Macy’s I went, and found this one:

And zomg…the pencil skirt is *perfect*.  And the jacket needs no tailoring at all–it fits perfectly!

And guess what else?  $27.00.

No, really.  2.  7.  Dollars.  Clearance sales, I love you.

After I finished passing out, I bought it.

Then I went next door to Express, and got 2 of the most perfect shirts ever.  (Now is when I discover that the shirts aren’t listed on their website.)

One is the blue one above, the other is sage green, and they’re AMAZING.  $39.50 each (green one was on sale half off).  They’re super long so they tuck into skirts or pants and don’t get all floofy, and they’re cut to actually cover my boobs AND be fitted in the waist.  I’ve never before owned a shirt that has done both those things.  Should I find an officey job, one which would require numerous button-down shirts, you can bet your bippy that I’ll be buying more of these.

Because that’s what you do when you’re me, and when most of your outfits involve Levi’s and t-shirts and flip-flops.

But hot damn…pinstripe pencil skirt?  I could get used to dressing up, if it involves pencil skirts


One response to “Look at me, I’m a Grownup!

  1. Super hotness… especially the pencil skirt! Good luck on the interview process! Those suits will definitely get you some good points!

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