Cozy in the summer

I’ve been knitting.  I finally finished Cozy, which I started in [checks Ravelry]…March.  Wow.  Full of fail, I am.

Brown Sheep worsted, in “midnight”.  It’s so cozy.  The lace pattern was incredibly easy to memorize, and even the WS is beautiful.  I can easily see myself making another one of these sometime–it’s just that pretty

(See my roots, Mom?  Come to St. Louis!  Now!  Your root fixing skills are required–stat!)

The lace pattern sort of reminds me of pinecones:

Sort of.  Tilt your head to the right.  There it is.  See?  Kind of?

Well, whatever.  Pinecones or not, I like it.

PS>I rushed desperately in order to finish it in time for the Shakespeare festival, and threw it on at the first hint of a breeze–even though it was still 80* out.  Hey, I’ve got my priorities–showing off knitwear is high up on that list.


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