Now it’s Really Home

Last weekend I scouted out a few antique stores here in University City, and actually stopped by in one.  It was amazing–one of the best antique stores I’ve ever been in–and I’ll definitely be back.

But I was good, and we’re currently poor, so I only came home with three things:

For $2.00, 8 embroidered linen napkins:

And for $3.00, a wire egg basket sock basket:

For $12.00, a stoneware casserole dish:

(which is just begging to have something cheesy and gooey and fattening made in it)

Alas, it’s not signed:

And I’m not ruling out the possibility that it was mass-produced, though it doesn’t seem to have obviously been mass-produced, either.  Not that I care–I still think it’s gorgeous

Soon I will check out the shop next door, which seemed even larger and, I think, more promising…though we’ll have to wait until we have some extra income, to find out!


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