Hello, Blog.  I’ve missed you.  I’ve thought about you constantly.  I’ve jotted notes to myself, about things to tell you.

But then I haven’t written.

And now that I am writing, I’ve apparently forgotten how to create witty titles or write about interesting things.  Yes, Blog, I know, I’ve failed you once again.

So here is a photo of my mortal enemy:

Aaah!  Moths!

It makes me want to invest in a cedar closet.  Hold on, let me pass that idea by Jeff.  If I’m not back in 5 minutes, you can assume I’m weeping inconsolably in disappointment at my flat-out rejection by him.






Hold on, let me get a kleenex and wipe that last tear from my eye.  SNORK.    Eww.  (Am I the only person who’s amazed when I blow my nose and I’ve been crying and the snot is perfectly clear?)

Even though Jeff is the meanest meanie poo ever, he does stomp on bugs for me:

Giant ones.  In the Monsanto Insectarium.  Damn you, Monsanto!  (for a variety of reasons, which I shall not delve into right now).

Here, you can observe another popular zoo exhibit:  the failus faceus makingus.

The failus faceus makingus is a species of near-human intelligence, characterized largely by the inability of males and females making humorous or grotesque faces at the same time.  When the male of the species makes a humorous or grotesque face, the female does not.  And, as you can see in the following image, vice versa:

So let’s just look at a baby giraffe instead:

I brought it home with me and right now it’s sitting next to my computer and licking my arm.  That means it’s hungry.  Which is unfortunate, because giraffe food is hella expensive.

Giraffes always have been my favorite, you know.  I’m so happy to own one now.  I’m going to go put scrunchies in its mane and knit it a scarf and teach it how to give the cats a ride.

OK, you called my bluff.  I returned the giraffe yesterday, as he kept smacking his head on the doorframes.  Who knew a tiny baby infant would be 7 feet tall?

I’ll leave you with this trio of prairie dogs:

I almost brought them home, too, but they would’ve turned into cat food.

PS>These photos were taken with my new P&S camera, which I’ll blog about sometime very soon.  All of the animal photos were taken on the auto setting, at 7x zoom.


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