Socks for everybody! (here is where I fling my arms wide)

I made these.

I got the idea a year ago (wow was it that long?), about 2 weeks after I started knitting.  You can read about it here. (I was so young and innocent then, and bless their hearts for not laughing at me!)

So I stashed those 3 skeins of Sisu for a while, lah de dah de dah, until I’d made a few other pairs of socks and felt like doing some in st st land (mental note:  WTF was I thinking?!).

Then, back in March, I saw Jessie’s socks, and fell in love with the wide band at the top of the leg idea.  So I added that to my mental assemblage.

And finally, in mid April, I cast on.

Then I got bored, because hey–stockinette in a solid yarn?  YAWN.  So these socks got to piddle-fart around in my Crown Royal bag, lah de dah de dah, until yesterday.

When, in a fit of passion, I sped through the rest of the leg, the heel, and all of the foot.  Just to be DONE with the fuckin’ things, y’know?

Nothing romantic about it; I just wanted to be done with them so I could stop looking at ’em.

And now, I can’t stop looking at them.  Because finally, my new knitter-ly dreams have been realized.  And since I first started knitting a year ago–in fact, since I first started knitting *socks* 6 months ago–I’ve come so far and learned so much.  And even though now I can whip out complicated lace and cables like nobody’s business, there’s something to be said about a sock that is just smooth, simple, and basic.  And they really don’t come more basic than these, do they?

Except maybe these:

::yawn::  Big gray man socks, for big (not gray) man feet.

This may have had a little something to do with my stockinette frustration.  You don’t know boredom ’till you’ve made men’s size 10 1/2 socks on US1 needles.

Zzzzzzzz…..SNORK!  Oh.  Sorry.  I fell asleep for a minute there.  The socks did it to me.

But really though, I do like them.  And Jeff likes them, which is the most important thing They’re the first socks I’ve ever made him.

And the On Your Toes has been delightful–I love the aloe vera!

Jeff says that I can make his next pair with a ribbed leg–I’m thinking 3×1.  You tell me:  is 7″ of ribbing better, or worse than 7″ of stockinette?  Aye, there’s one for the ages…


2 responses to “Socks for everybody! (here is where I fling my arms wide)

  1. I love the blue and white socks. they are amazing. I wish I was that talented!

  2. Hi!

    I love your sock pattern! What pattern are you using????

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