A Tale of Kindness

Every once in a while, a  complete stranger casual acquaintance close friend your mom my mom does something for  you me which restores my faith in humanity.  Like,  rescuing a baby bird that’s fallen out of its nest donating a kidney to a stranger buying me yarn.

Several days ago I was browsing Etsy, as I am often wont to do (not gonna lie, it’s one of my homepages), and I found a skein of yarn at thankewe which was irresistible.  And not just run-of-the-mill irresistible like Viggo Mortensen or chocolate or Viggo Mortensen and chocolate together.  Real irresisible.  As in, email your mom a picture of the yarn in question and then call her and whine about how much you love it.  That kind of irressistible.

However, as you all well know from my utter lack of “OMG I found a job y’all!” posts, I haven’t yet found a job.  So that makes buying yarn a bit frivolous, unless I were to eat said yarn (though it would be a good source of fiber…).  Enter my mom.

She said she wouldn’t buy me the yarn.  She said that yes it was very pretty, but no it wasn’t going to happen.  I believe “because I said so, that’s why” might have slipped into the conversation at some point–old habits die hard, y’know.  So I resigned myself to admiring the yarn from afar (Afar, to me, means clicking over to the yarn’s link every 10 minutes or so, sighing, and weeping onto the nearest cat).

Well, I bet you all know where this is headed…

Imagine my surprsie to find a soft and squishy and thick envelope jammed into the mail slot yesterday afternoon!

Oh no she di’in!

Oh yes she di-id!

So then I screamed and passed out and then I woke up and then I opened the package and then I gazed in awe at the yarn and then I smelled it because that’s what yarn whores do and then I carried it around with me like a security blanket for the rest of the evening and then I dreamt of it as I slept and then I woke up and then I blogged about it and then you read it and thought “she’s crazy.”

But by now I bet the anticipation’s killing ya, isn’t it?  (well, all 3 knitters who read my blog and might even have a passing interest in which lovely I’ve obtained, anyway)

The colorway is called ‘oasis’, and you can sure see why!

I’m having trouble capturing the color accurately–the blues are much more vibrant–even the cool ones, somehow–and the greens aren’t so sickly pale.  I counted, and there are like 12 distinct shades of blue in this thing, in 2 families (the aqua and the cornflower).  Really.

Now only one question remains:  what to make?  It’s sock yarn, of course, and the yardage is really generous–430, according to the label.  So socks are always one option (“Really, Kate?  You make socks?  I had no idea!”).  But I wonder if this yarn isn’t itching to be made into something else…  I’m really loving AeRang, though I don’t know if the complicated lace really suits this variegated yarn.  Same goes for the Swallowtail Shawl (pdf link).

Hmm…I think it’ll probably ‘just’ end up being socks Glorious, beautiful, clear Chucks worthy socks.

PS>No, I wouldn’t really wear clear Chucks.  I have Birkenstocks, mary janes, and Keens for showing off my handknits, tyvm.

PPS>And tyvm, Mom, for the yarn!  Can ya tell I ❤ it?


One response to “A Tale of Kindness

  1. Wow that was sure nice to get some pretty yarn.I am sure you will make something really pretty with it!Have a fun time:)

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