Since when?

I know everybody gets off on bitching about how early the stores start putting out next season’s stuff.  In fact, I’m usually more irritated by the bitching than by the store displays.

So I wasn’t all that surprised when I made a quick stop in Hobby Lobby the other day and saw this:

(Hey, what else am I supposed to do when I’m waiting in a 25-minute line?).

Fall stuff.  In July.  Sorta ridiculous, but not ridiculous enough to blog about.

Until I saw the display in the next lane over:

A variety of bath products in convenient pre-packaged sets….with gingerbread people and snowmen and santas?!?! Are you FUCKING me?

Now that, my friends, is blog-worthy ridiculous. Here we are, not even two weeks into summer, and at least one store is already parading around the Christmas nonsense.

Maybe I’m not giving Hobby Lobby enough credit, though.  Maybe this display was strategically placed at the back of a massive check-out line to serve as entertainment for the customers waiting in said line…give us something to bitch ‘n’ blog about.

PS>I also saw this display as I was headed back to the needlework section (the whole reason for my trip, of course):

It took me a good 2 or 3 minutes of standing and staring to figure out what’s going on here:  were the tusks strapped onto the elephants’ legs as a commentary on the disposable nature of the animals themselves when compared to the value of ivory?  Perhaps it’s a PETA-esque defiant statement:  “Real elephants can’t survive without their tusks, but these knick-knacks feel no pain.”  Maybe the tusks’ position on the elephants’ feet is to symbolize the burden–metaphorical ball and chain– that these animals carry by their mere existance: a nod to Harrison Bergeron. Or maybe it’s meant to convey the idea that the elephants have strapped their tusks prominently to their forelegs in a resigned act of self-preservation (“take the tusks if you must, but leave me be!”)

Or maybe the Hobby Lobby people were just afraid the tusks would get broken off in shipping.  But still…fucking Christmas in July?!


One response to “Since when?

  1. The tusk thing is definitely weird, but before reading your explanation I was kinda wondering why there were dragonflys on the elephants legs……..albeit HUGE/monster-sized dragonflys. Love your blog by the way!
    -yarnfrog42 on Rav

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