Give it a go

For our wedding, one of the items we registered for was a plain white sheet set, but with no pillowcases.  I had the grand idea that I would embroider some pillow cases, and it would be a sweet little touch.  So, now, a year later, I bought these:

Two 2-pillowcase sets, with requisite floss.

Only thing is, I don’t know how to do embroidery.  But you know me–minor detail.  I figure it can’t be all *that* different from either sewing or counted cross-stitch–both of which I do well.  So I’ll give it a go!

Here’s one set:

and here’s the other:

Those two are pretty much the only designs that Hobby Lobby had in stock (has anyone else noticed that their stock tends to be rather…abysmal…at times?) that didn’t scream “country kitsch” or “90 year old lady.”  Well, the second one (with the blue vines) might scream that a bit, but definitely not as much as the others!

I’m off to get started!  Wish me luck!


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