It was with great trepidation that I entered my local Goodwill this afternoon.  I’ve not yet been to a thrift store in St Louis (my trip to the antique store doesn’t count), and I didn’t know how it would be–dingy and smelly and depressing?  Too expensive?  Too picked over?

I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

Turns out, the Goodwill that’s 2 minutes from my house is perhaps the best thrift store on the face of the earth.  Check it, yo.

For $10, the file cabinet we’ve so desperately needed (our birth certificates, health records, and phone bills are all nicely intermingled in a paper grocery bag, currently):

(whoo!  A photo of a filing cabinet!  How exciting!)

But I really was proud of this find, and all the organizational opportunities it will afford.

So proud, in fact, that I used it as a pedestal to display my other goodies.

Like this shirt for Jeff:

$2.50, and nothing fancy, but it’s a nice casual button down, and a solid department store brand:

And it’s kind of cool–the stripes are embroidered on.  Neat-o texture.

For Y.T., this was only $2.75:

And if that doesn’t say “dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant then go to Starbucks and people-watch”, then I don’t know what does.  Who’s up for it?  If you ask nicely, I’ll even wear a shirt.

The skirt’s got this little bit of glam detail, which I’m not at all sure about:

They’re just stitched on, and they may become snipped off.  I’m not really a “glam detail” kinda girl, y’know?

The Goodwill had a lot of old Target clearance stuff for sale–lots of it with the Target tags still on–and the lady working there said Target donates its clearance to them.  Which is awesome, in my book.  Cause I got this:

The yellow polo is Express, gently worn, but the tees are all brand spanking new, still with tags and inspection stickers.  They were between $1.50 and $2.50 each.  Perfect for wearing under sweaters this fall

(Hint:  when buying new clothes at a thrift store, make sure they’re not “irregular”–mismatched sleeves, hemmed on the wrong side, stained, etc.  Some new clothes go to the thrift store because they’re last season’s clearance, some are irregular, and some have been shoplifted.  Obviously, avoid the latter two All of my shirts above had clearance tags on them, and I learned why they were in the thrift store.)

Finally, a cute little dinky candle holder for $2:

(it’ll hold a 3″ pillar)

And a couple books for $0.75 each:

(Hmm…just noticed they both have “diary” in the title.  Interesting).

All told, I spent about $30.  And yes, I’m rather proud of myself

So I went to Target and bought myself these cute little earrings for $6, to celebrate:

I do love a good bargain!

PS>  Tomorrow: how I spent my weekend (or: why my hands may fall off).


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  1. If you haven’t already read Bridget Jones, you are in for such a treat. I loved the movie, and then read the book and loved, loved, loved the book.

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