What to do, what to do?

Knitters, I need your opinions.

I bought a *lovely* skein of Fleece Artist Somoko:

And I turned it into this:

No pictures of it on me, because it’s morning and truthfully, I’m still wearing yesterday’s polo and some pajama pants I’ve had since the 7th grade (not kidding).

So here’s my problem.  The texture is lovely, and just what I was looking for (loose and drapey):

I also think the colors play together well:

But…I’m just not *feeling* it, you know?  I had to end it a few rows sooner than I’d anticipated (running out of yarn), so the end is rolling a bit (despite my best efforts to avoid that, by putting in an eyelet row before BO).

I dunno.  It’s all right.  It was only a few days’ worth of knitting, and I like it fine enough, but I’m just not OMG head-over-heels about it.

Should I go ahead and block it and hope that I love it more then?  I suppose if I block it, there’s really no turning back–no frogging.

If I do frog it, then I’ll use this yarn for something else lovely–a pair of socks, maybe a simple scarf…

I just can’t make up my mind.  Knitters, what would you do?


2 responses to “What to do, what to do?

  1. I think it looks lovely – I’d definitely go ahead and block it. Who says you can’t frog after blocking? I’ve done that tons of times! So you’ve really got nothing to lose!

  2. I agree with Laura, try to block and if you still dont like it, frog it!!!!! The yarn is lovely!
    Let us know what you have decided!

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