At least I’ll be comfortable when I run away

I have a new True Love.

There, I said it.  I have found a new Farm Boy to my Buttercup, a new Shrek to my Fiona, a new reduced-fat blueberry coffee cake to my grande mocha light frappucino.

Love, thy name is Bridget.  Born Bridget.

Mom bought me these shoes a couple weeks ago, because I’m a total weenie.  After only a week of heading back and forth between my desk and the copy machine, walking a few blocks to grab lunch, and spending hours on my feet sorting and filing, my feet were KILLING ME.  All those cute work heels I bought?  They each have a bit of the devil in them.

So my mom, being a mom, bought me some cute Born shoes.

These may be my first Born shoes, but they’re definitely not my last.  My newest hobby is browsing the Born website and window-shopping which pair I’m going to buy next.  I’m a TOTAL convert.  Between Born, Birkenstocks, and Keens, I don’t think I’ll ever buy another pair of shoes at Payless ever again.  I’m utterly in love.

Even though I could really use some new work clothes, I think shoes take priority–maybe even priority over yarn (yes, you read that right!)  The only question is, which to buy next?


(on sale for $90.00 at


($97.00 at


($197.00 at


($101.00 at

And for the weekends, Montara:

(on sale for $64.00 at

My birthday’s next month…if anybody of the gift-giving inclination is reading this, please know that cash and/or zappos gift certificates and/or shoeline gift certificates would be most welcome

Any other Born addicts out there?

PS>Please notice that many of these shoes would lend themselves well to being paired with hand-knitted socks. No coincidence!


One response to “At least I’ll be comfortable when I run away

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    Your friends at PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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